Planning ahead will keep your family and assets safe. Vandeputte Law can help you write a will and leave a clear set of instructions for your loved ones.

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When you’re not prepared with a will, your family can be at risk of experiencing confusion and heartache. Without legal planning, the Province of Ontario has the jurisdiction to make decisions on behalf of your estate. We understand that it may be hard to imagine, but arranging to have a will written can protect your loved ones and assets.

At Vandeputte Law, we can guide you through the process of putting together a Living Will, Will and Testament. We can assure you that clear instructions will be left for your family and estate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A will is the set of instructions that keep your family and assets safe. It is a legal and binding declaration of what a person wills to be performed after their death. The document will name one or more persons you trust to oversee the distribution of your estate after your passing.

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A living will is a set of instructions in the event that you become unresponsive or unable to make medical decisions about your end of life care. At Vandeputte Law, we can guide you through the process of making these decisions.

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The unfortunate reality for many families is that the Province of Ontario has the power to make decisions about an estate without a will. Not only can the estate be divided up unfairly, your family’s legal fees to get what they deserve can become extremely expensive. Don’t leave your loved ones in a lurch. Let Vandeputte Law help you protect your estate.

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When planning how to benefit your loved ones, there are many factors to consider that can help save $1000s in estate administration tax and when minimizing income tax. We can help ensure that more of your hard earned assets arrive in the hands of the beneficiaries of your estate. Some important things to consider could be:

    • Elderly clients who own their own home may wish to place their home in a Principal Residence Trust, saving 1.5% of the value of the home in Estate Administration Tax.


    • Beneficiaries with special needs should receive assets through a Henson Trust so as not to disqualify the beneficiary from government assistance.


    • Business owners may consider holding multiple wills so that assets of the business can pass directly to beneficiaries, saving 1.5% of the value of the business, in addition to saving the estate significant accounting fees.


  • Parents of minor children should determine who they wish to nominate as guardians for those children.


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Let us help you plan ahead. We can guide you through these decisions to keep your family and assets safe. Give us a call today!
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