I approached Vandeputte Law offices to help me navigate through a complex separation and subsequent divorce.

I had previously worked with Casey during the purchase of my first house. I found him very knowledgeable and professional and made the process very easy.

When I found myself in a difficult position I asked Casey for help and advice moving forward with my separation. Although he did not have a lot of past experience in family law, Casey said he would take on my case and immediately began researching and educating himself further in the family law system.

Although the experience was very stressful, Casey made the experience less traumatic and I always felt comfortable with asking whatever question I may have had.

I would highly recommend Casey Vandeputte and the Vandeputte Law Firm for anyone seeking legal advice with the family law system. Sincerely,

– Carley

It was the winter of 2015 – the second harsh winter in a row in which we experienced bitterly cold temperatures and an abundance of snow throughout the season. This was also the winter in which my husband and I experienced a perfect storm in our personal lives.

At the request of two very dear friends, we had agreed to take on the roles of Powers of Attorney and Executors when the time came to conclude their temporal affairs.

As it happened, our friends passed away unexpectedly and in quick succession and the practical realities of fulfilling our legal obligations and our personal commitment to them both became almost overwhelming.

We are grateful to Casey Vandeputte and the staff of Vandeputte Law Office for their professional guidance and support in assisting us through all the legal requirements. At so turbulent a time in our lives, the reassurance of expert law professionals to help us was invaluable.

We highly recommend Vandeputte Law Corporation for your legal needs. Kind Regards,

– Terry and Don

‍I am tremendously grateful to have Casey Vandeputte as my lawyer. Concise, clever and caring, his approach to law has been the key to success and ease of accomplishing my various legal transactions. In Real Estate, Contract, Wills and Estate Administration, he has been responsive and thorough. I am impressed by the high level of service his team offers. At ease knowing my legal concerns are well managed, ‎I recommend Casey Vandeputte and his firm to provide excellent counsel and diligence.

–‎ K.H.

With the frantic purchase and close of my new house, I definitely needed your assistance in making sure everything was done in a timely manner. I had enough on my plate with a 30 day sale and purchase of my new place, and not having to worry about any of the legal details was a great comfort to me. Thank you.

Also I appreciate all your input with regards to my Last Will and Testament, and your suggestions and open conversation with what can be a difficult discussion. It is nice being able to discuss my concerns and wishes with you not having to feel uncomfortable. It is a very important document that carries a great deal of weight and I am confident that you are ensuring I have covered all the right points.

– S.B.

‍Highly positive… very efficient, organized and knowledgeable… kept the sale on track and helped us navigate the complexities with confidence.

– J.M.

Just bought my third property, my first one purchased using Casey Vandeputte, and I was duly wowed. Such a great team; they took care of everything, meaning no stress for me!

– K.M.

Whitney Smith has been in charge of my case and I could not be happier. A few weeks after hiring the firm I have gotten access to see my children to now having them overnight every other weekend. Any time I need to get in touch with Whitney or have any questions within hours I hear back from her. So glad to have Whitney on my side.”

“Whitney listens and she cares. It is refreshing to trust a lawyer.”

“I had a previous lawyer who seemed to be leading me straight into a bad situation where there was a good chance that I would be losing my existing order for joint custody. Changing lawyers and retaining Whitney was by far the best choice I could have made. Whitney was very knowledgeable and is not afraid to tell it like it is. Because of this, better strategies were able to be put in place. On the first court appearance, Whitney was able to help me and my very difficult ex spouse come to an agreement and settle out of court. It only took but a few hours which helped a great deal in sparing cost. On top of being knowledgeable, Whitney was very polite and understanding and even extended a helping hand in providing additional useful resources to follow up on for after court was finished. I consider it to have been a great privilege and her services much appreciated. Should I ever need help again in the future, I know where my one stop shop will be. Thank you Whitney….I can breathe again!!”

“Whitney is an excellent lawyer, who effectively and creatively uses the law and facts to obtain the best possible result for her clients. She is smart, sharp and personable, which makes her well-respected by her colleagues, clients and other legal professionals. In addition to her strong legal skills, her dedication, passion and empathy set her apart. She is committed to making a difference in her clients’ lives and does so successfully on every case. I wholeheartedly recommend Whitney.”



Navigating a separation is fraught with so many challenges it can leave you feeling anxious, vulnerable and frustrated. Initially I had representation and that first experience was worrisome. I doubted that my lawyer was helping me.

In time, I decided to try and figure it out on my own. However, this too, is daunting for different reasons. The technical language of law and its processes and procedures are out of my league. I was feeling desperate and the entire time I was never closer to a resolution. In fact, it felt that the harder I tried, I still was slipping backward. It was a game to be played and I didn’t have a coach, I didn’t know the rules, and it seemed I was going to be run into the ground by the other team who was eagerly positioned to take advantage of my inexperience.

In an attempt to finally resolve the matter, I came to Casey Vandeputte and his team. From the moment I walked through the door and met the staff, everything felt…right. Amidst feelings of worry and doubt, I began to feel a new sense of confidence. Each person on the team I spoke with added a layer of kindness and friendliness which makes a stressful occasion much easier to manage. But this was just the start.

Whitney, I recall our first meeting and every meeting since then. They all have the same feel. You are serious about my case and give me the sense that I deserve to be represented. You constantly give me the impression that we can reach a settlement that is fair for everyone. You listen to me, even the things that aren’t productive, and allow me to be me. But at the end of the day, you let me know what is productive and realistic and you advise me along the most sensible course of action. It is your level-headed, methodical and moderate temperament that continues to move me forward. I cannot thank you enough.

But my most significant thank you is for something else altogether. This process is difficult. It can turn a good day into a bad day in no time. I don’t know how you do it, but after meeting with you I always leave feeling optimistic, hopeful, and grateful. This experience has never been easy but you have made this very comfortable for me. You remind me that you want this settled quickly so that I can save money. You remind me that this process will take time but will be over soon. You provide counsel that balances the pros and cons of each choice I make and set it in a perspective that is mindful of the long-view. The big picture. I can’t really say thank you enough Whitney, but I thought this might be a start.



Whitney is a great lawyer. She was very professional throughout my case and it was evident that she always went above and beyond to serve in my best interest, which helped alleviate a lot of the stress for me. She was very patient in her explaining and was very supportive to whatever questions I had. I was extremely impressed with her work and negotiation skills! It was incredible my case was resolved on my first case conference, thanks Whitney! I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who needs representation in family law.

At Vandeputte Law, we strive for high levels of communication and accessibility.