Domestic Contracts in Ontario

Domestic contracts are an important area of our practice, as our objective is always to resolve matters outside of court by way of agreement, as this tends to be a more efficient and cost-effective way to resolve family law disputes.

Whatever domestic contract you choose, you and your spouse should both:

  • understand the agreement thoroughly
  • review the agreement with a lawyer
  • make a detailed statement of your finances and assets

We are experienced in negotiating and drafting a range of domestic contracts, including:

Marriage contracts and pre-nuptial agreements which can be entered into at any point leading up to or after marriage.  These types of contracts govern the division of assets and other issues that would arise should the marriage break down.  

Cohabitation agreements are agreements for cohabiting or common law couples which would address any issues that would arise on relationship breakdown.  Cohabitation agreements can be entered into at any point prior to or during the cohabitation.

Separation agreements are agreements that govern all or some of the issues that have arisen as a result of separation, and can include property division, child and spousal support, custody and access, etc.

Co-ownership agreements are agreements that govern co-ownership of property by two or more owners, including family cottages and other co-ownership scenarios.

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